The Ultimate Guide To Affecting Your Company Image Positively Using Animated Videos.

The use of animated videos has become a prominent way of marketing a brand/company and we at U.A.M believe that it’s also now illegal not to use animated videos in your company. (Sorry…we don’t make the rules)

We’ve come up with a few ways of how the use of animated videos can positively impact your brand and you:


One of the seven deadly sins is ‘lack of professionalism’ and that’s what some companies suffer with. But alas there is a cure and you’ve guessed it – animated videos.

Not only does the use of animated videos easily appeal to the eye with it’s colorful, mind-blowing features and appearance but it also gives your company the look of a business at its absolute peak peformance.

The use of animated videos promotes clean, quality professionalism and that’s why it is one of the most widely used ways of marketing today.



While animated videos make your company look A1, it also has the power to change a regular audience into leads and get you sales.

They say it only takes about 3 seconds to capture the attention of an audience and make them consider buying. You can do this before your logo even shows up on the video…as soon as your audience hits play. This is entirely based on the level of creativity you put into your videos and the animation software you use, of course.

Quick tip: Consider using an attractive thumbnail to further capture attention.



Switching perspectives from you as a creator to your audience as customers, animated videos are super appealing to any individual as it presents what has always been working in marketing since the beginning of time and that’s color and movement.

As children, we’ve always been attracted to colorful shapes and sounds and that’s why cartoons were created – and what a fascinating marketing weapon it is.

Animation videos work the exact same way…it brings back the old attraction to colors we’ve developed since childhood and that technique never fails!



So, all this talk about animated videos and we haven’t shown you one and how to get a high-end software that does the work for you.

This is Viddyoze 2.0. Arguably one of the best professional animation makers on the market that comes at an affordable price for both personal and commercial use: