The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Humble Leader.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson – these are iconic leaders that we all strive to be. They make it seem almost prophetic running large mega-companies that all have tens of thousands of employees.

However, they were once individuals just like us with their own visions of their empires.

So how does one become influential leaders such as these?


The daily attitude.

If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.

To do this, tweak your daily habits such as the times you wake up, the amount of work you do and the claims you talk.

The basic idea of changing your daily attitude is that you become a better worker than the average individual and you also build massive amounts of confidence each day.

Although it is not wrong to enjoy yourself, practice saying ‘no’ sometimes and replace some of that fun with work as this benefit you later.

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‘The grind’.

Ah ‘the grind’ – one of social media’s most used words yet half of the users don’t practice the meaning.

These leaders became who they are today by working hard and nothing more.

They set small term goals and went after them one by one.

The trick to ‘grinding’ is simply believing in what you do and being consistent.

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An example of upcoming leaders who portray their hard work every day and will be influential icons in the coming years are people such as GaryVee (although he already is a phenomenal leader) and also Logan and Jake Paul – don’t leave the blog just yet, hear us out.

Focusing on the Pauls, notice how they create their own internal warfare that grabs everyone’s attention (example: the whole ‘second verse’ situation). That little plot spiked their subscriptions and views up to record breaking numbers. Also notice that they post content every single day.

Those acts are the acts of people who are hungry to reach the top and it’s damn excellent marketing.

We recommend checking them out if you haven’t already and paying attention to how they market themselves as entrepreneurs.


The influence.

Wherever you go – influence.

Try adding value and reasoning to what you say as well as show it. This inspires others as well as get you some social attention.

You create influence by expressing who you are through your daily habits.

Examples of creating influence can be as simple as showing up early at work, posting unique content that your competition hasn’t already thought of or speaking with confidence etc.

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The power.

Money is not the only factor that brings power – but knowledge does as well.

Read a lot to grow your knowledge and influence respectively. When you appear as an influential individual to others, you attain a certain status. Rest assured that others will ask you for advice or help. This is power – this power is not to be mistaken for ‘dominance’ but a result of your knowledge and influence.

Don’t be afraid to share your vision as well as your concepts learned.

Use this power to help as much as possible.


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