The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Ruthless Leader.

Remember our blog on the business mindset where we explain the differences between a humble and ruthless leader?

Today, we’re going to address the mindset and necessities around becoming a ruthless leader.

This may be a controversial topic as most leaders that were considered to be ruthless usually became infamous and notorious for their acts.

However, there were distinct qualities that differentiated them from others in terms of their powerful entrepreneurial abilities.

Examples of these types of leaders are Pablo Escobar and even Hitler.

These individuals were solely driven by their vision.

Let’s talk about the why someone would want to be a ‘ruthless’ leader.



  • You will be able to make better business decisions that solely benefits both you and your organization.
  • You will be highly respected by other businesses and personnel.
  • You have a better chance of dominating your market.
  • You don’t take others’ emotions into consideration.


  • You will be seen as a destructive force to others.


The daily attitude.

Like a humble leader, the ruthless leader is consistent and smart in his work. He/she also seeks to change the world but the only difference is – they seek to make it a better place for themselves rather than for others. A ruthless leader does not take others into account on their way to the top (only those close to them).

Just like becoming a humble leader, you must change your daily attitude in terms of the times you wake up, the amount of work you do and the claims you talk.

Most importantly, a ruthless leader is confident in his actions and has no remorse for them.


The mindset.

The way a ruthless leader works is ‘vision-based’. They already see their version of the world around them.

They are not afraid to go to all extents in order to carry out that vision.

The mindset of this type of leader is usually to destroy the world around them and rebuild it in their image.

This can be a beneficial to someone growing up in an oppressed environment.

It is about making a statement of power while protecting the ones closest to them.

We recommend checking out the TV show ‘Narcos’ for a better insight on how the running of a large underground organization is carried about.


The influence.

The ruthless leader has more influence than the humble as his/her name becomes spoken in both respect and fear amongst all types of leaders.

As some may see these types of people as bad for society, there is vast amount of knowledge to be gained from their characters in terms of managing and also manipulation of enemies.

The influence they have may be controversial to some parties as their approach to leadership is confusing. Most of these ruthless leaders were considered ‘Robin Hoods’ as they provided to the poor and figuratively stole from the rich.


The power.

Knowledge is also very present in the ruthless leader. However, along with their knowledge, they show more power in their assets (mostly money).

They bribe others into their vision and like a snake, slithers their way into a prosperous (mostly short-termed) relationship.

Even as they show their bad sides more than their loving sides to the public, they still have power and dominance over the majority of their audience through the use of fear.


The lifestyle.

As the only aim to doing business is money and power, the lifestyle of this type of leader is exclusively lavish.

They enjoy the best in mansions, vehicles of all types, women/men and most importantly – security.

As their public image is one of fierce action, their private life is many times softer as they show love for their family and close employees as the point of being ruthless and making a statement is one of public image.


So, is it necessary to be a leader of power and prowess?

To some extent. Seek positivity in the dense forest of negativity a ruthless leader portrays.

No one can argue the immense entrepreneurial skills these individuals possess and that’s what is important.

But most importantly, learn to build your vision without destroying others.

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