The Ultimate Guide To Clear, Effective Communication.

We cannot stress the importance of communicating more than we should. 

Communication is the transferring of information from one point to another. It is a key factor that can make or break a business and fortunately for us, the internet allows us to create, edit and come correct on our intentions to consumers as businesses. 

This is a guide on how to help you communicate better with your audience as a business/businessperson. 

Ways companies can communicate with consumers. 

There are various ways you can tell someone the nature of your product or service. These are the 4 main ways: 

  • Through blogs (or written content). 
  • Through video content (demonstrations, ads, animations etc.). 
  • Through pictures (infographics, colorful and coordinated visuals on website). 
  • Through word of mouth (as well as phone calls). 

The importance of communication. 

As mentioned before, communication is one of, if not, the most important factor in business. 

Effective, professional communication means good business and this is important for many reasons: 

  • You gain a form of authority over other businesses alike. 
  • You are able to sell your product or service more effectively. 
  • Your business will overall be more approachable to a consumer. 

These points lead to dominance in your niche and makes your business 10x more reputable than your competition. 

How to clearly and effectively communicate with consumers. 

We’ve compiled the process of communication into two basic steps that makes it easier for you to understand and follow: 

Step 1: Creating clear channels. 

Channels of communication are basically the area between your message (point A) and your consumers (point B). In order to establish clear channels, you must surrender to using basic forms of communication like written content, video content, visuals. 

The internet has made it possible for communication without having to cold call anyone and messing up your sales script. 

A key reminder is to triple check your punctuation and grammar before posting your content as a simple error like a misspelt word has the power to minorly ruin your professional reputation as a business. 


Step 2: Avoiding miscommunication and noise. 

Noise can be defined as any factor that plays a role in obstructing your message to your consumer. 

The only rule to this step is to come correct in your message. Take the time to let your creativity flow before creating content and think about what exactly you intend to say and how you intend to sell it. 

Many companies make the mistake of marketing a service or product for what it is not and you do not want to do that as it can send the wrong type of traffic to your business and most likely less sales than what can be made. 


It is an unwritten law in business that in order to dominate your field, you must be able to express your ideas in a way that is unmistakable and the only way to achieve this is through revision. 


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