The Ultimate Guide To Consistency.

Being the perfect companion to hard work, consistency remains the key cause to anyone’s success story.

It is the most preached advice from anyone that’s ‘made it’ in their life.

So, what is consistency?

Something that’s “done in the same way over time, especially to be fair or accurate.”

Here is the importance of consistency.

No one can become a successful billionaire after posting their first vlog/blog or any piece of content. It takes months or years of posting quality content on a regular basis. The internet and the world is fairly large and everyone posts content every day.

So how do you make your voice be heard and create a following of loyal audience?

By putting out original content every day!

This, my friends, is consistency and along with content – it is also king.

The most challenging part of being consistent is the psychological warfare that begins after a few weeks of no results. This triggers you to eventually stop putting out content.

So, how does one deal with this?

How to deal with ‘giving up’.

The first thing we can say about this is that if you know that your content is 100% authentic, then there is no reason to give up as you know your future audience will enjoy your stuff. So, have confidence.

Secondly, realize that it doesn’t take just weeks to start getting an audience. It takes months and sometimes years.

The good thing about this? Your audience will be 100% organic and long term – your very own empire!

However, be sure to create content of quality so that when your future audience comes in and views your previous stuff, they will be pulled in by its pureness and even promote your brand to others.

The art of being consistent: How to be consistent.

  • Program yourself.

It may take months and more to be a reputable source of information, but it only takes a few days to get in the groove of creating continuously.

Be sure to sort of ‘force’ yourself to create content every day…matter of fact, if creating is your passion, then it should be effortless to put content out there as often as possible.

But if it isn’t and you’re a newbie blogger with a new perspective on everything, what forcing yourself to create does is subconsciously train your mind and births that need to make content on a continuous basis.

Quick tip: Keep in mind that this content must have originality of some sort. This will be the factor that keeps your audience permanent.

  • Patience

After getting in the groove of posting regularly, do not think that insane amounts of traffic will come in a jiffy. To tell you the truth, you will only get about 10-20 views max. on your first few posts.

But don’t worry, the mass amount of traffic comes later on when you’ve marketed your brand all over social media and search engines see that you’re creating fresh content every day and rest assured that your earlier content will be read by this audience.

And that’s all there is to it!

There is, however, a minor flaw in doing this and that is having high hopes after each marketing move.

There is a simple fix to this and that is simply to not be surprised – kill the mental hype by distracting it.

At the end of the day, you’ve gotten pure content out there, marketed it like a beast and it’s all now a matter of time.

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