The Ultimate Guide To Sending Traffic To Your New Website.

So, you’ve dished out some savings to buy a domain, buy hosting and set up your new website.

You’ve compiled a list of ideas for what you plan to post on a regular basis and now the most fun and creative part of your job is next – sending traffic to your site!

What is loved most about sending traffic is the amount of freedom one has when doing this. It’s what sets your controlled 9 to 5 job apart from working on your brand.


First, let’s address why someone may want to send traffic regularly to their site.

Traffic = money.

Simply put, if you’re making enough noise – you will get recognized! If Google sees that your site gets regular visitors because of its quality content, they will put you at a well-deserved rank after indexing your site. Quality content leads to quality traffic and that leads to…quality sales!


There are probably millions of ways to send traffic to your site and market your brand, but we’ll only mention the two main ways that are guaranteed to work here:


Social Media:

Why should we not start with the kingpin of marketing?

It’s no secret that using social media is now the most recommended and best way to portray your brand to the world. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTu- you get the point…you are guaranteed quality traffic. Here’s a few steps you can take to dominate sending traffic using social media:

  1. Sign up for one social media site when beginning.

It is recommended that you dominate one field before moving to another. All platforms are filled with demanding customers that are waiting for that ‘perfect’ product so why not use one of those platforms and focus all your energy and effort on there instead of struggling on multiple platforms as a beginner who doesn’t know what he/she’s doing? This method is always proven to get the best results in any area of life.

Practice social media marketing skills on one platform and then diversify.

After creating a profile, be sure to add your logo and website in your description as this is the funnel which potential buyers use to get to your site.


  1. Post as often as possible.

As mentioned before, if you make enough noise – you will get recognized. This is the ‘noise’ part. Whatever content is added to your site, immediately post it onto social media so that your friends/followers can see them. When posting content, do not forget to add tags/hashtags. These are extremely important as it helps reach potential buyers who do not follow you yet.

No content on a certain day? No problemo! There is always useful content from other bloggers and websites going around so show support and share their stuff (you may even get a share yourself).

Notice a pattern? This leads us to step 3.


  1. Interact with everyone related to your niche.

The most important part of this step is interacting with your fellow social media users. Go around following your competition and following their followers and so on. You may also want to comment regularly on quality posts (do not leave spam comments as it only makes your brand look less authentic). These can lead to you gaining followers, likes and mentions etc. which is exactly what we’re looking for, right?

These followers and likes will be from those who will be checking out your site possibly on a regular basis given that you have interesting, quality content and thus, you have social media traffic.


Video Marketing

As you know, we’re huge promotors of video marketing as we believe it’s one of the best forms of marketing in current times.

To us, there are two types of video marketing – getting in front of a camera and presenting yourself and your awesome personality and the use of animation and voiceovers.

Where does one get a studio grade, professional animation maker for their business you might ask?

*shameless plug*

So how can one use video marketing to send traffic to their website?

Here’s a few steps:

  1. Purchase a high quality, 4K video camera.

We recommend Amazon’s best sellers;

Both record in 4K and are extremely durable as well as waterproof.


  1. Write or have a script made for you.

If you’re going to present your brand in a professional manner; might as well be prepared unless you’re a naturally gifted salesperson with high energy and charisma.

You can either construct your own script or have one made for you by heading over to and typing in keywords such as ‘sales script’.


  1. Use your personality as your weapon.

While using your script to promote your brand/website, don’t forget to be unique, authentic and integrate piece of yourself (your personality) into your work.

Be free and creative in front of the camera…if the audience don’t remember the content you make, they’ll definitely remember ‘that guy/girl who does (fill in the blank) in their videos’.


  1. Using animation.

If you’re suffering from severe introversion or S.S.T (Smart, Silent Thinking), then please refer to our blog on video marketing for introvert entrepreneurs where we show how to use animation making as a weapon of marketing your business/self.


  1. Market your video.

Now it is time to post your video.

Where to start?

First, post it on your website along with a related blog.

Secondly, post the link to that blog on the social platform of your choice. If you’re going to be focusing mainly on posting video content, we recommend starting a YouTube channel. The use of tags and hashtags are crucial here.

Thirdly, watch the traffic flow in.


So, there you have it – our ultimate guide to sending traffic to your website.

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