The Ultimate Guide To The Business Mindset.

To conquer your own world and the one around you, you must first be mentally liberated from the limits society and growing up has put onto you.

You must cease being a spoke on the wheel and instead…become the wheel.

So how does one do that?

By being different.

The difference between a ‘business mindset’ and an ‘average mindset’.

The average individual doesn’t like his daily work life. He/she does a 9 to 5 and hangs out on weekends and then constantly complain as if anyone owes him/her anything. He/she is simply lost in what seems to be chaos.

The business mogul, however, sees positivity through everything. He/she is optimistic and looks for opportunity in all. He/she understands that to change the without (the world), one must first change the within (the conscious/subconscious).

Being a businessperson isn’t about being good at making deals, it is about simply being. One must be able to show an extreme amount of patience under pressure and positivity over negativity in all aspects of their lives.

The two types of business mindsets.

The Humble.

This is the type of person that puts themselves last and their organization first – a leader. They are what we should strive to be as their only aim is to make an impact on the world.

The humble individual achieves mass success over decades of hard, dedicated work and practices but doesn’t seem to really show care for their success in the end (although they do), but rather appreciate the journey it took.

Examples: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Ruthless.

This person shows apathy towards others’ emotions and does what’s best for both them and the organization. They appreciate their success and their wealth and are not afraid to portray it by any means. They simply love work as well as fun as they enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Example: Kevin O’Leary.

It is best, however, when an individual practice the combination of the two.

Example: Gary Vaynerchuk.

Daily habits that will change your mind set for the better.

  • Practice waking up extremely early.

This might be one of the most significant changes you can make in your life. A simple thing as waking up early, i.e. 4a.m, creates a profound impact in the amount of energy you give yourself and the amount of work you can get done.

It feels almost euphoric when it’s 6a.m and you got more work done than half the hemisphere.

Start by setting an alarm for your desired time and when the alarm rings, do not hit that snooze button! Instead, stop the alarm, take about 5 minutes to fully bring back your consciousness maybe by listening to some music and get started with a cup of coffee.

  • Meditate/Visualization practices.

This can be done any time in the day or night. Simply lay on your back or sit in an upright lotus position and close your eyes. Dismiss all thoughts that are brought forward and stare into the darkness of your eyelids. Be lost in the bliss for as long as you want (preferably 45 to 60 minutes).

This may be difficult in the first few days but this practice is the most highly recommended to anyone as it trains you to keep a clear mind and deflate all forms of stresses. It is the key pillar to a stress-free life.

Another key practice is visualization. This, along with meditation, is an absolute necessity in your daily life. To do this, lay on your back or sit in an upright lotus position and close your eyes. Instead of dismissing all thoughts, this time you want to imagine what your future will be. Imagine your lifestyle in the coming years – the luxurious cars, houses and environment you will be in.

What this does is send a clear message/energy to the universe and exactly what you feel and see at that moment is exactly what you will feel and see physically in the coming times.

Do not think that success will come with easy and lazy work. One must do something that impacts their brand everyday even if it seems small. The important thing is progress.

  • Saying “no”.

When it comes to one’s daily life…there is always some form of outside interference. Whether it’s a friend or family calling to hang out or someone that wants help with a minor problem – learn to kindly say no. It is important that you focus on your brand and building your empire. No one says that it is wrong to enjoy yourself once or twice a month but remember that your hard work now will turn into magnificent success later and you can then do whatever you want with that time. Sacrifice now for later.

  • Have confidence in everything you do and say.

Most importantly, practice believing in yourself and what you will become. Convince yourself and convince others. You may seem crazy but that is the goal – to shut naysayers up and with that comes respect.

The more you work, get things done and realize that you are 10 steps ahead of the average individual, your confidence will grow. Don’t be afraid to say what you will do and when you will do it.

Setting a timeframe is also an important step as it motivates you to work towards it and back up your word.

Some may argue that with too much confidence comes a big ego but we say that your ego can be as big as the world as long as you back up your claim.

Remember that you are greatness at its peak. You are untouchable and unstoppable and everyone will soon see what you see.

Bonus tip: Practice reading enlightening books on philosophies from powerful leaders and businesspersons. Not only will books teach you a lot, but with more knowledge comes more power.


And that has been our take on developing a business mindset.

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