The Ultimate Guide To Unlimited Charisma In The Business World.

Charisma – “a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”

Here at The Ultimate Blog, we’re not always all about video marketing and animation making. We simply believe in dividing and conquering.

In this post, we will explain the necessity for charisma and how to gain it.

What makes a person charismatic?

Take the king of charisma today – Conor McGregor. He’s got one of the most devoted following from not only his home country but everywhere else!

I mean…he had more supporters against Floyd Mayweather in Floyd’s own hometown.

Why is this?

Because he says what he does and does what he says hence the nickname ‘Mystic Mac’.

So, what does this have to do with anything in the business world?

Well, promoting a fight is a business by itself and he is definitely a professional at both promoting and fighting. It’s all about a good public figure.

When an entrepreneur wishes to promote his business in public, he should already be mentally prepared to use words and phrases that catch the audience’s attention. He must be able to use body language that reflects the status of him and his brand.

Almost like a lion, he must show prowess and power in the way he dresses and thinks.

Charisma is necessary because as a businessperson and leader, you need to have a following so showing off yourself in a positive manner is indeed the best way to gain yourself a network.

How to gain charisma.

There are many forms of gaining charisma and here are just a few:

  1. The way you dress.

To us, one of the most prominent ways of gaining a following is showing up ‘dressed to the nines’ for whatever occasion you attend. Not only do you instantly gain respect for being neat and looking attractive, but you also gain a lot of interest from other parties as you stand out from others.

We don’t only ‘dress to impress’ but we also ‘dress to out dress’.

  1. The way you speak.

One cannot be well dressed and not be able to back up his claim. When speaking, make sure and use that sense of humor of yours when in conversation. This way, your audience will definitely be more invested in what you say and you may even make their day.

Also, when speaking, it is important to speak with absolute confidence in whatever you say. Be serious with your statements. Speaking with confidence is almost like a shout in Skyrim as it radiates a powerful energy into the universe and trust us…this affects you in an extremely positive way later down the road.

For more on speaking, check out these videos from one of our favorite YouTube channels Charisma On Command.

And last but not least,

  1. Showcasing your ‘knawledge’.

No, we don’t mean recording your large library shelves.

Instead, be a ‘quotable’ figure. Show your experience and lessons in your phrases and most importantly, show why you are who you are. There is nothing more loved than ‘being real’ and that’s usually where audiences turn into fans of these powerful leaders.

When you show that you are an intelligent person, aside from also showing that you can have fun, you tend to grow on others and become a more relatable figure in your arena.

Another admirable feat. of being charismatic is speaking your own opinion and not being insecure of others’ opinions.

We believe that the world is not bound by any rules or laws that should keep us away from expressing ourselves.


And that’s our take on charisma.

Hope you enjoyed this read and be sure to check out our other blogs!