The Ultimate Guide To Unlimited Confidence.

The skill of effortless confidence is the most important feature one can achieve. A confident attitude ensures your desires become reality as well as gives you an unstoppable, almost immortal appearance and aura anywhere you go.

So, how can an average individual grow their confidence from the ground up?

Let’s start by explaining the importance of confidence.

The importance of confidence.

It is no surprise that confidence comes with progress – knowing that you’re capable of progressing and becoming better at what you aim to do.

Confidence is important as it allows you to see yourself as a beast with no limits – and that, you are. This attitude is a necessity in the business world as any newbie that goes out there with a sense of vulnerability will get eaten alive…figuratively.

The ego.

Let’s discuss the balance between confidence and ego. Some might say that with a lot of confidence comes a lot of ego, i.e. arrogance. This is very untrue. Instead, with a lot of confidence comes security.

Confidence ensures that you are stable and ready – ready for any circumstance because you already know there is nothing larger than you.

How to build and use confidence.

  • Mental chatter.

The most important part of confidence is convincing yourself that you are the sh*t.

To do this, start by simply reminding yourself daily that you are the best at what you do.

“I am the best!”

Tell yourself that multiple times every day for the next week and witness the changes that happen…think it and feel it without a doubt.

This little affirmation creates an enormous impact in the next coming days of your life until the day you are gone from this dimension.

You can add as much hype to yourself as you want because you simply are and no one can stop you.

  • Performance

If you think affirmations can boost your confidence to tremendous heights, then wait till you grasp the feeling after simply working and being consistent.

This minor change in habit is a key factor in boosting confident but you must have the right mindset when doing it.

Think of work and consistency towards it as ‘moving 10 steps ahead of the world’. Convince yourself as much as you want and perform. Put your best foot forward in everything you do.

A major benefit of this is the reaction of others after they see your hard work – the endless praises and respect you get is phenomenal and mentally puts you on a pedestal of your own.

  • Speak and let your intent be known.

Using confidence is where the fun begins. To do this, speak your claim onto others. Just like thinking it, you want to feel the intent behind it for intention is what is important here.

If you can convince yourself without doubt every single day and be able to speak and feel your intent, you will be seen as some sort of extraterrestrial in front of others.

It is truly a magnificent feeling.

Quick tip: Do not be arrogant with your confidence, instead, let your work do the talking. Stay humble.


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