The Ultimate Guide To Using Music In Video Marketing.

Nothing sets the tone of anything like some sweet music. It has the power to control your thoughts and carry it on a journey of euphoric memory and imagination.

Using music in video marketing creates an enormous impact on creating emotion for your audience.


The importance.

So, why would someone use music in a video…even if it’s in a sales video?

To maintain interest.

Nothing holds attention more than the sound of marvelous symphonies and there is an immense freedom of choice when selecting the right song to set the tone in your video.

We still remember early YouTube tutorials blasting Drowning Pool – Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.


How to find music and apply it to your videos.

There is a big issue concerning using music on platforms like YouTube. It’s very easy to earn a copyright strike and that’s bad for your business.

So, how to avoid this? By getting royalty-free music.

Here are 2 simple steps you can take to use music in your video marketing contents.


Step 1: Figure out the tone you’d like to set.

If it’s a sales video or vlog, there is some factor of emotion that takes place. Using the right music behind every montage or product presentation is an extremely powerful marketing technique.

Example: If you want to slow things down and embrace the love in the moment on your vlog, we suggest some Frank Sinatra or if you’re on an adventure and have a sweet montage, why not layer it with some ODESZA. (Disclaimer: This is just an example as using popular songs can most likely earn you a strike.)


Step 2: Find your songs.

It’s better to find new artists on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube where you can easily contact them for permission in using their music on your video or you can buy your own commercial license and download royalty and copyright-free music.

To do this, we recommend checking out DigiProduct Music where they provide music for all your video projects especially sales videos.

Quick tip: If you are skilled in production software such as Logic Pro X, Ableton or FL Studio, you can definitely create and use your own music in your videos.


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