The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing For Introvert Entrepreneurs.

“Video content is king”. – Mahatma Gandhi.

This statement is 100% true though. It is said, according to the internet, that video marketing is now the best form of marketing for any business or personality. Just look at Logan Paul, the God of video marketing today in my opinion.

But not all entrepreneurs are highly energetic, charismatic and color-blind like our dear YouTube companion. Some are rather quiet thinkers – extremely smart, but keep it to themselves most of the time because of social shyness.

So how can one be able to express what they want using the king of all contents although they are unable to?

Well, video marketing doesn’t always mean you must show your face in front of a camera and try to act as if you’re as energetic as the other guy.

An extremely viable solution to this is the use of animation.

The use of animation is the best alternative to showing your face and speaking in front of a camera, you shy lion, you.

The following are some basic steps that should help introvert entrepreneurs use animation making as their video marketing method to dominate their business arena:

Step 1:

Use a high quality, premium animation maker (we highly recommend the animation maker – Viddyoze 2.0).

Your exclusive link to this program is here at

The reason we recommend this?

They offer:

  • Studio-Grade Intros and Logo Stings.
  • Stunning Social Action.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Movie filters.
  • Seamless Transitions.
  • Compelling Outros and CTAs.
  • Dynamic Transitions.
  • Custom Attention Hooks.
  • Lower Thirds.
  • Texture Overlay.

Which are all perfect for your need to look as professional as possible.


Step 2:

After you’ve gotten your animation maker – let your creativity flow. Follow the simple steps and choose your desired template along with your animations and other necessary means to visually market your business/product as best as possible.


Step 3:

Get a voiceover (if you don’t mind using your own) – however, if you choose that route, we recommend getting Audacity. This way you can record and edit your voice for your advertisements.

If you choose to get someone else do it for you, we recommend using

Fiverr is a platform where professionals of all fields advertise their services and gigs for extremely reasonable prices. Just type keywords such as ‘voiceover’ and you will be landed on some quality based gigs (you may have to provide the person with a script). It’s super easy to use!

Also, this video should help you create your own voiceover and edit it.


Step 4:

Put your voiceover audio together with your created animation and export it to a file (preferably mp4).


Step 5:

Market the sh*t out of it. Get your animated video across all platforms; Your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter etc.


And now, you’ve successfully used video marketing to your advantage without ever having to get in front of a camera – go out there and conquer, my friend.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more content!