The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing Success.

The great news of today’s times is that now, ironically speaking, you don’t necessarily have to sit in front of a computer and type hundreds of character-less, boring words.

You can now express yourself through high-end visual quality and things are only getting better. This art is called ‘video marketing’ and it’s here to stay so get used to it.

So, how does one use video marketing to their benefit and dominate their competition?

Here’s a little guide that we think will help tremendously in your journey to successfully marketing your brand:

1. Consistency.

Not only does this work for marketing overall but it does especially in video marketing.

Post content regularly.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, “content is king but context is God”. And rightly so.

It’s recommended that posting content 3-4 times a week does wonders for your brand so imagine posting video content at least 5 times a week.

Let’s look at Logan Paul who has recently made YouTube history securing 10 million subscribers plus in only 1 year.

How is this possible?

The guy posts quality videos every single day.

2. Quality.

This addresses the second part of Gary’s statement on context and this cannot be stressed more frequently. Be authentic with your posts and make sure what you’re posting is useful to others in some way or the other.

Consider asking yourself the following questions before posting your vlog or sales video:

  • What? – What is your aim in creating this type of content?
  • Why? – Why do you want the world to see this content?
  • How? – How do you impact others by creating this content?

Asking yourself these can also generate ideas of what to talk about in your videos.

3. Video Appearance.

It’s the minor features that also make a video and there are countless amounts of poorly produced and edited videos – don’t be one of them.

Make sure what you’re posting is professionally done even if you are not a professional. There are ways and tactics for a regular individual or marketer to easily be outstanding amongst his competition and outrank them.

These tips will be revealed in another blog to come so stay tuned!

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Consider the way you dress in front of the camera as you will be addressing an audience of possibly millions.

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll know that we believe in dressing to impress in whatever occasion you’re in. One can simply wear a blazer and dominate the game from in front his video recorder.

Also consider body language and the way you speak. We recommend keeping your shoulders a little backward as this will portray an upright, alpha-like position.

Most importantly, be straightforward and confident in your speech. Speak with prowess and once your audience sees that you have full confidence in your product, they certainly will as well.


That has been our take on successful video marketing. We hope this helped.


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