The Ultimate Guide To Video Optimization.

Remember that blog we promised on the ‘The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing Success’ blog? Well here it is!

While video marketing, especially the use of animated videos, may be super effective on their own, optimizing these videos are extremely important for extra audience attention and conversions.

Before we begin to show you to optimize your videos so that they catch the eye of your audience, let’s first explain the importance of video optimization.


Why is video optimization important?

In order to put maximum effectiveness on your marketing techniques through video, your content (or video in this case) must be fully presentable yet unique to your brand. This way, you stand out amongst your competition and appear authentic as well as on the first page of search engines.


The use of subliminal messages.

A simple yet super effective technique is using subtle subliminal messages in your videos.

An example can be in the form of an item that has something to do with your brand in the background of the video or has the words “buy (product name) today”.

Although the reader’s brain won’t read/see it, the subconscious will. This then ‘sticks’ in the reader’s subconscious and the idea of buying repeats itself in the mind of the individual.

Weird? Genius, in fact.

This technique has been used in almost all main stream media – that’s why you’re addicted to Rick And Morty.


How to optimize videos.

  • The logo.

Presenting your logo at the intro of a video is necessary but also applying it as a small watermark in the corner puts a brand on your videos.

Consider creating a small sized version of your logo and then making it slightly transparent.

Add this to the corner of your video.

It’s a very simple method put it makes your videos appear way more authentic than others.


  • SEO.

The use of SEO is crucial to your content as this is the factor that brings your audience to you.

Consider using your keyword as best as possible in your title and creating a full, well explained description also using the keyword of your desire as best as possible.

When an individual search that keyword in a search engine, depending on the SEO used in your description, rest assured that your video will appear first.


  • Tags.

Using tags is the most important technique in any content posting. The key trick to this is using trending tags that has something to do with your video.

Example: If your video is about marketing, tag companies and influencers that are popular in the marketing arena like #garyvee or #forbes.

This then adds your content to the list of other contents that are using that tag – and that tag is a market of its own.


  • Upload a transcript in your description.

If you can get attention from search engines based on what you say in your videos, then this is exactly how.

Upload a copy of your script used to make the video and be sure to use your targeted keyword as best as possible in it.

Search engines will do the rest to bring new audience to your videos each day!


That has been our take on video optimization. Follow these steps and your videos should be top ranked in everyone’s search for your keyword.

Remember to be patient as SEO takes a long time.


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