The Ultimate Guide To Winning Over Audience From Competition.

If there’s one thing we should love more than ourselves – it’s our competition!

Competition is sometimes demonized as something that’s bad for our brand but if you look from a unique perspective, competition is extremely healthy to your brand as it motivates you to wake up and work hard.

Don’t stress about competition no matter how big they are because you can learn from them as well.

On this blog, however, we’re going to teach you how to win over their audience.

The Art of Stealing.

We’ve learnt from Cam Mi Pham on TEDx Talks about stealing knowledge. There is true power in knowledge – even if it’s from your competition.

If you’re in a market where there is one dominant company then that company becomes a resource of knowledge. Down to the simplest of things like post titles play an extremely significant role in why that company is as big as it is today (aside from the time and years of work they put in).

In the business world, there is freedom – unlimited ways to reaching the top and ‘stealing’ is one of them.

No, we don’t mean stealing their content but rather stealing their knowledge – the way they market themselves and their very subtle public techniques. This also creates experience for you as a business owner.

Why It’s OK to Steal.

Winning over an audience by ‘stealing’ sounds harsh but in the business world, it’s just another day. Everyone does it – it’s a proven formula.

Every company has blueprints and techniques – the ones they show subtly to the audience and the ones they keep to themselves. No one realizes how much knowledge a company just gives away just by sharing a post – there is something to learn from every move.

So, I guess rather than ‘stealing’…you’re just paying close attention, learning and executing and that’s 100% fine.

The Importance of Quality.

Before we begin to show you how to win over an audience, it is extremely crucial that we say you are not going to overthrow competition by copying them.

Our blueprint is achieved only by working harder than your competition and being consistent (using some of their influence).

Many websites today choose directly stealing content and then sitting and hoping the same traffic that goes to their competition goes to them.

Achieving audience takes hard work and consistency so you may be at the wrong blog if you thought this was an easy life hack.

Another key factor is mindset.

One must mentally train themselves and be prepared to work every day – harder than their competition.

This is no easy task, but there is no harm in taking the first step.

Quick tip: Consider waking up at a way earlier time that you are accustomed to.


This raises your energy levels at a peak and you don’t run out of it until it’s time to sleep again. Use this technique so that you can pump out as much work as you can on your brand from morning to noon.

Life advice aside, here is the ultimate guide on how to win over an audience from your competition.

How to Win Over Customers.

  1. Locate your market’s dominant company.

There is not a niche today that doesn’t have at least one company standing out and dominating. I’m sure you already have a name in mind.

Start by visiting their website and social platforms – become a fan as this will benefit you a lot in the coming steps.

  1. Analyzing content.

By visiting your competition’s content, you can now analyze what they post about.

This also allows you to create your own ideas. The main aim of this step is the allocation of ideas based on topics they may post about so take notes of post names.

Also read their content so that you can pick up on their uses of keywords, humor and other ways that make their audience interested.

  1. Start creating your own content.

The most important step of this guide is your content creation. This is where you take the ideas you’ve noted (titles and keywords) and implement them into your own original content.

This is where your work and determination comes in as you must try to create content that ‘one-ups’ your competition. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this as you can add videos, images and links from other websites as well. Add extra insight and information as this puts you on a higher level of content authority.

Most importantly – be different. Implement things that your competition has never done before.

Contents you create can be in the form of blogs, vlogs or animation.


The best thing about written content is that you can use keywords. Take advantage of this and use as much keywords as possible as these are what your competition’s audience use to find content.

Do not use keywords repeatedly and irrelevantly. Instead, try to fit them in as best as you can where they make sense to the audience.


Video content is one of the most prominent ways to market any brand. In this arena, it’s all about posting in the right places and using appropriate tags and hashtags.

After making high quality videos that are beneficial to the audience, consider using the same tags as your competition but make sure they are relevant to your content.

Animation video:

To us, animation is an absolute monster of a marketing technique as it integrates both color and movement that is appeasing to the eye.

Also consider using the same tags as your competition when uploading your animated video.

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  1. Cipher social platform sharing techniques.

Take a look at your competition’s social platforms. Are they using eye catching titles, images or creative GIFs? Do the same as well.

Create your own attractive titles and images that generate audience interest.

Also use similar tags as them. This way, you get the same audience as them except your content is better, different and more informative, right? This converts audience into customers.

The main idea of this step is constructing a ‘share-ready’ post with your blog, vlog or animation that is both attractive, interesting and informative.

  1. Post on social platforms.

This may be controversial to our other blogs where we recommend starting with only one social platform but when it comes to ‘stealing’ audience, there are no limits.

The last and final step to this process is simply posting your content on the same social platforms as your competition.

After this step, you can repeat the process as often as you can but do not forget to also create unique content that your competition may not have posts on.

The Importance of Ranking.

Whether you used one word or one phrase as much times as you can best fit it in your content, keywords are used by search engines so that whenever someone types that keyword in, they can be referred to the website that best provides for it.

It is important to aim for being ranked on search engines as this is where most of your audience comes from.

So how does ranking work?

How Ranking Works.

Search engines index your site and they pick up the keywords you use and then rank you for those keywords using the amount of SEO and other factors you implement with your content.

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Let’s recap our steps:

  • Find your market’s dominant company.
  • Analyze their content (titles, keywords etc.)
  • Create your own quality posts that are more informative than theirs.
  • Use attractive titles and images for social sharing.
  • Share your content on as much social platforms as possible.

And that’s how you win over your competition’s audience!

Be better but be different.

Hope you enjoyed the blog.

For more of our content, be sure to check out our blog section and also our animation making software that we promote by typing in your email in the form on our home page and be ready to make your competition cry.