The Ultimate Guide To Working Now!

In today’s world, there are an inconsiderable about of excuses about why someone can’t afford to do this or that – too much complaining and blaming when it comes to why someone isn’t where they want to be in their life.

Be it ‘the economy’ or ‘bad investment’, the complaints will never cease.

Our message to you and your troubled souls is this:

Accept that every bad decision and every downfall thus far is all your fault!

And now accept that you’ve got the right resources to stand back up and either start over, this time with passion, or continue with a mass amount of consistency like you’ve never been consistent before.

We are fortunate enough to be living in an era where social media and technology offers a polished, smooth, marble path to the top – it’s the way and the truth everyone’s been waiting for…if known how to be used.

The key to your success is to start working now!

Today we will address the optimization of the mindset and the actions that are necessary in order to stay motivated and work as much as humanly possible in order to reach your goal and see actual results in the next 2 to 3 years.

Note that this is not any sort of product advertising gimmick or system that gets you rich by scamming others…this is just free, genuine advice consumed by other millionaires that actually got up and worked like beasts in order to achieve what they are today.

 The Mindset.

 No limits.

In order to get you started, we’d like to introduce you to this simple concept coined by Neville Goddard and that is – there is no right or wrong.

Know that every decision (i.e. business decision) you make is solely for your benefit and your organization. Try not to overthink consequences especially if you’re at an early age of 20 and have enough years ahead to risk.

That brings us to our other point – don’t be afraid to risk at an early age.

As mentioned by Gary Vaynerchuk, being in your 20s or finishing college is the best time of your life to go ahead and take risks. Start a business or band that you’ve always wanted to and most importantly – make the journey enjoyable.


Positivity and gratitude is a must!

The second factor you should lock in your psyche is to wake up each morning and say, “thank you.” Mean it and feel it. Be thankful for what you have today, and you will receive more tomorrow. Most importantly, you want to approach every execution of your ideas with all the confidence and positivity you have.

Eliminate all doubt in your mind that your new or improved business will go down. Think of your business as your child – protect it and dream for it.

The secret to being positive is, firstly, convincing yourself through mental chatter that you are the shit and, secondly, keeping that mindset throughout the day.

Practice this every day and you will have a natural confidence in your work which then fuels a unique kind of quality in your content.


Create, create, create.

Don’t expect to be paid for content right away when you begin your business. Know that you must first be willing to give out free, quality content to the public through your blogs or vlogs in order to draw attention.

There is no problem with this because once you’ve developed a hunger for success, you become a content creating machine!

Bonus tip: Along with these mental practices, take 10 minutes of your time each morning or night to meditate. This helps tremendously with increasing patience as well as decreasing stress of any sort.

 Taking Action.

 The grind and its importance.

This step is one of actually executing. There is a disease going around called procrastination and in order to kill it, all you have to do is make progress every day.

When you wake up, make it your sole purpose to start working. This can be from starting the creation of your social channels or new content. Make it a daily routine just like eating.

As you begin to work, you will become addicted to progress. You will want to advance more in your marketing and start contacting bigger companies in order to work out deals for sponsorship and what not – this is called the grind and its importance is very obvious.

Its sole purpose is about you working for yourself and making money on your own accord.


 Cut the pleasures.

Realize that although you have the authority to go out whenever you want with your friends and have a few drinks – control it. Reserve fun time for when you start receiving big cheques.

Going out often can leave a huge dent in progress as it only causes more procrastination. One night out and you’re stuck in a hole of despair until you can gather the amount of mental power to start back.

You may seem like a buzzkill to your friends, but they also need to respect your grind and know that they’ll be benefiting from it later on as well.


 Going in for the kill.

Now that you’ve practiced the mindset and actions necessary for working every day, it’s time to expand your ideas into your content and go for quality – your own style.

Remember when posting to social media, do not pay heed to the amount of following or subscribers you’ve got as that will come in time.

The idea of posting content is for the content to be there in that online space for generations to see.



Remember that the process to achieving anything is what’s important as this is where you get to truly express you.

Get in the mindset to work everyday for hours on end and then take precautionary measures to avoid distractions in your life as you achieve your goals.

Success will take time but with hard work and consistency – it will happen!

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Be a part of the future today.